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Decoy Construction

  1. How are the bodies made?

    Cork bodies are cut from cork sheets and all bodies are carved by hand.

  2. Are the decoys sealed?

    Yes, all cork decoys are sealed to prevent water from saoking into the cork.

  3. What kind of paint is used?

    It depends on the decoy. We use acrylics, spray paints, and some oils.

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Decoy Care

  1. My cork decoys will sometimes soak up water. Is this normal?

    Yes, even sealed cork will let some water seep in. Always wash off saltwater and mud with a gentle rinse and allow decoys to hang or sit somewhere to allow them to dry thoroughly.

  2. How do I transport cork decoys?

    Slotted bags are the absolute best for carrying decoys in trucks, boats, on ATV's etc. Slotted bags reduce the opportunity for the bodies to rub together.

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Decoy Use

  1. I use alot of plastic decoys. Will I need the same amount with cork?

    The short answer is no. Most of my customers, including Church Decoy Co. use significantly less decoys when using corks. I use one cork decoy to every 4 plastics I used to use.

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  1. Do you have a large inventory of decoys?

    No. With all of the different species, either sex, and three body postures, an inventory would be very difficult. We pride on our ability to create your decoys in a short amount of time after your order has been placed.

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Decoy features

  1. How do you store the anchor cord on your decoys?

    Our decoys come with a keel that is notched to allow for anchor line storage around the keel.

  2. Does the head swivel?

    Yes. The head is attached by an eye bolt which allows the head to swivel and makes a perfect place to tie off your decoy.

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