Church Decoy Company


Chesapeake Bay Region

Chesapeake Bay Region 


Dave Church

Church Decoy Company, Owner/Carver

Hometown: Leonardtown, Md. 

Occupation: Retired Navy Veteran, US Government Employee
After hunting for waterfowl in all flyways for over 30 years, I continue to test my products in the roughest of conditions to ensure a quality product to my customers. Joined by my lab KC my son Brian, and many friends throughout the season, I enjoy the many wonders that a great morning brings on the marsh. I support numerous charities and continue to donate my products for many banquets and other fund raisers that support Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Missouri Waterfowl Assoc. and many others. Continuous improvement is my goal and nothing is better than honest criticism to ensure  our products continue to develop to meet our customers needs. My leisure time, if found, is spent with my wonderful wife, Kelly, our three boys and our dogs.  
 Brian Church
Church Decoy Company  Pro Staffer, Assistant Decoy Carver
Hometown: Leonardtown, Md.
Occupation: Student
Brian is a huge help around the shop and loves to go hunting. After three seasons under his belt, Brian is becoming a great hunting partner. His love for the outdoors and his passion for duck hunting are unmatched. He has a couple calls around his neck now and continues to get better and better. Cleaning up the shop has evolved into making his own decoys.  
King Church's Magnum Benelli (KC)
Church Decoy Company Pro- Staffer, best buddy! 
KC's is heading into his fifth season and really got a workout last year as he fought the winds, waves and current of the Chesapeake Bay on many retrieves. A very steady partner, KC asks for nothing more than a sausage biscuit after the hunt.



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