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Church Decoy Co. Pro Staff..........The best in the marsh!!!!!


Church Decoy Company is proud to have partnered with our Pro Staff Teams. Our teams are dedicated to the sport of waterfowling and wetland conservation. We hope to eventually have a Pro Staff team for every flyway to help out our waterfowling community. Our teams hunt exclusively over hand carved Church Decoy Company cork decoys offering our clients exceptional gunning over exceptional decoys. We are proud of our Pro Staff members and the way they conduct themselves in or out of the marsh. We encourage legal harvest, protection of the environment and watersheds, good sportsmanship, and passing on the waterfowling legacy to our youth. Our Pro Staff is also instrumental in product testing to ensure that our cork gunning decoys are effective and durable. Look for their contributions during the season regarding tips and tactics to enhance your waterfowl hunting experience.



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