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Some of our Satisfied Customers!


Luke writes: "we shot another five limits over your decoys this morning. Awesome movement with your keel system and a snap swivel. Ten mph wind and they were moving around like live Ducks!!"

Paul writes: "It's our new family tradition - Church Decoys for me and the boys every Christmas! Thanks for a great product, love the website."

Sarah writes: "There is no way you should have gotten my order done and to me before Christams since I waited so long to order. They were so happy on Christmas to find them under the tree. Thanks so much!" 

 JP writes: "He loved them, thanks so much for getting them done so quickly!  You will certainly hear from us in the future!"

Joe writes: "Big Fan of your decoys, will be ordering AGAIN!"

Mark writes: "I viewed a set of your cork mallard decoys over the weekend that were purchased as a gift. They are very lifelike and the paintwork was well thought out. I had my doubts about cork and the way it would endure the elements, however your exterior sealing method was impressive. Keep up the good work."

BH writes: "Very nice decoys, I will definitely be back for more."

TD writes: "Great decoys, but exceptional customer service is what sealed the deal."

IP writes: "One word - QUALITY."

Doug L. writes: "Nice decoys for the money, just what I was looking for."

Matty writes: "Perfect pair of decoys for my father who hasn't hunted in years but loves gazing at these and remembering his past hunts. Thank you so much!"

Carl W. writes:  "Finally a great cork decoy for the working class hunter! My spread never looked better."

Jeff S. writes: "Very happy with my dekes, wish you would make "woodies"! (Great idea, Wooducks added to the product line in 2009... Thanks Jeff!)

SC Gunner writes: "Great craftsmanship. Can't believe these aren't $100 decoys!"

Pat R. writes: "Thanks so much for helping me figure out what would work best for me. Working to get me my decoys before opening day was above and beyond. I'm ready for my order for next year! Thanks!"

A Texas Guide Service writes: "I am, by far, the best equipped guide in the state. Thanks Dave!"

BJ writes: I waited until the last minute to place my order and was blown away that he completed my order in time for Christmas.  My brother received them on time and was a very happy hunter. Thank you so much!

Justin writes: Wow! Best deal I've found on corks!

Don L. writes: Great decoys for the money, you handled my custom order flawlessly. Thanks again!

Maxxadams writes: Church decoys are great for the price.  It is a very friendly company that will do whatever it takes to make sure their customers are satisfied.

Brian writes: Awesome decoys, the reason I came back for more.

RM writes: Best looking spread I've seen in years. Customer service changed my order from 2 to 24! 

Carl T writes: You can hunt over whatever you like, but if you want to shoot over them, you better make it Church Decoys!

Greg writes: The guy changed his whole paint scheme for my order, now that's custom work and great customer service!

Svede writes: Last Year I Ordered 6 Black Duck Decoys and Received VERY Quickly!....I Set 3 on one side in front of the blind, 3 on other...NO fly-bys!.....big grin..Set Right In!!!!!!!....CUPPED AND COMMITTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Dave.

JK writes: I received the teal decoy today that I won.  I have been very happy with all of the decoys that I have purchased from you, but this teal takes the cake.  WOW!  It will get hunted, but in the off season its going on the display shelf in the dining room. Thank you so much for making a quality product that is functional.

RS writes: Thanks for the decoy it will be a welcome addition to my spread.  The quality is exceptional!

CC writes: David, your decoys are the best I've seen and not to be kissing your backside.

JB writes: I left a message for Dave and forgot to leave any contact info. All I told him was my name and I was looking for products for a Christmas gift. He went through last years sales, found my husbands name, looked us up on the internet, found our number and even had his wife call to not ruin the Christmas surprise. His main concern was that I would think that he wasn't responding to my request. Unbelievable customer service! My order was placed the very next week!

Larry B writes: Dave, just got the decoys they look good, and I like the unique body style.

Dave writes: I've got to say these are some of the best I have seen and I have seen ALOT!

Joe F writes: its great do do business with able, reliable people especially when the products are the best available.

Mark F writes: Just finished my first full season with your decoys and I love them. We used them in all sorts of water this year and they held up really well. As you know, I also own a couple dozen Herter' decoys and was able to, along with my huntin' buddies, evaluate the two types. The final analysis is, we all like the Church decoys better. So........if you know anyone who would like to swap one for one............

Toby writes: I couldn't be happier with the investment in quality cork blocks!

DT writes: Got the decoys they look AWESOME cant wait to put em in the water!!

TP writes: Thanks for your flexibility and commitment to customer service.

Mark F writes: He even helped me sell my old Herters! What company does that?

JD writes: One decoy showed up broken from shipment, totally not CDC's fault. I called just to tell him and he sent me out a new one within the next two days. Unbelievable!

KOZ writes: I love how he is always improving his products and adding new items to his line up. Great place, great guy to deal with!

PJ writes: He should have hung up the phone when I told him how quick I needed them. I figured I would be the first to say something negative about these guys.......NOT A CHANCE!!!!!! Great company, I will be back!


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